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Pili Brownies

Ingredient 3 kutsrang margarina 1/2 tasang peanut butter 1 tasang asukal 1 buong itlog 1 […]

Creamy Raisin-Syrup

Ingredient 1/2 tasang pasas 2 kutsarang mantikilya 1 1/2 kutsaritang cornstarch 1/4 na tasang asukal […]

Bacon Muffins

Ingredients 1 7/8 tasang arina 3 kutsaritang baking powder 1 kutsaritang asin 5 kutsarang nilutong […]

Cherry Macaroon Parfaits

Ingredients 1 paketeng (3 onsa) Royal Cherry Gelatin 1 tasang kumukulong tubig 1 tasang malamig […]

Eggnog Cake

Ingredients 1 3/4 na tasang sinalang arina 1 tasang asukal 2 kutsaritang baking powder 1/2 […]

Rodeo Doughnuts

Ingredients 1/4 na tasang mainit-iniut na tubig 1/4 na tasang asukal 1 kutsaritang asin 1/4 […]

Raisin Brunch Pancake

Ingredients 1/2 tasang pasas (california) 1/2 kutsaritang cinnamon 2 kutsarang asukal 2 itlog 3/4 na […]

Holiday Cookies

Ingredients 3/4 na tasang pulot 3/4 na tasang asukal 3/4 na tasang mantikilya 1 itlog […]

Dulce Dela Reina

Ingredients 5 egg whites 5 egg yolks 2 small (1.5 ounce) packs ng California seedless […]

Peanut Raisin Bread

Ingredients 1 1/2 tasang buttermilk 1/4 na tasang asukal 2 kutsaritang asin 1/4 na tasang […]


1001 Adobo Recipes

There could be as  many recipes of the Filipino Adobo as there are Filipinos. In this post, we will try to gather 1001, and possibly more versions of the Filipino Adobo in the quest for what makes a true filipino adobo. If your Adobo recipe is not listed here,  you can share it using the comment box below or email me a link for inclusion.

If our national dish should be adobo, how do you think it should be made?

Chicken Adobo

  1. Ginataang Adobong Manok
  2. Orange Chicken Adobo
  3. Adobong Manok
  4. Adobong Atay At Balunbalunan
  5. Adobong Moderno
  6. Adobong Antigo
  7. Derdo’s Chicken Adobo
  8. Chicken Adobo Curry
  9. Memoirs of a Falopian: Chicken Adobo
  10. Jacajo’s Adobo Recipe
  11. Librarian Shot the Food: Adobong Manok (Chicken Adobo)
  12. Ecyr’s Chicken Adobo
  13. The Asian Grandmother Cookbook: Adobo Ahoy!
  14. Adventures in Johnsonville: Adobo Grilled Chicken Salad
  15. Mr D’s Thermal Cooker: Chicken Adobo
  16. Trissalicious Chicken Adobo “Momofuku Style”
  17. Lara’s Chicken Adobo
  18. Phil8yummies: Sauteed Chicken with Soy Sauce
  19. Shing Can Cook: Crockpot Chicken Adobo
  20. Solace Chicken Adobo
  21. Alison’s Chicken Adobo
  22. Raven’s Chicken Adobo
  23. Joe’s Chicken Adobo
  24. Kookie’s Chicken Adobo
  25. The Fatty Inside: Chicken Adobo
  26. Helen Garcia’s Adobo with Roasted coconut shreds
  27. Mother’s Nook Chicken Adobo
  28. Kusina Heads: Chicken Adobo Flakes Rice Curry
  29. Food Oasis: The Filipino Style
  30. Mark’s Chocolate Meat or Chicken Adobo
  31. Dokidok’s Filipino Chicken Adobo
  32. Carb’s Sizzling Chicken Breast Adobo
  33. Pinoy Yellow Bug: Adobo with a Twist
  34. Mark’s Chicken Adobo
  35. Kait Chicken adobo
  36. Debber’s Adobo Chicken in the Crock Pot
  37. Tulipfleurs: Simple Chicken Adobo & Adobo Flavoured Garlic Fried Rice
  38. The Kingdom Kitchen Tales: Twice Cooked-Chicken Adobo with Quail Eggs
  39. Chef Monet’s Chicken Adobo
  40. Jasmine Chicken Adobo
  41. Philq8: Chicken Adobo Fried Rice with Asparagus
  42. Words and Nosh: Chicken Adobo in Coconut Milk
  43. Words and Nosh: Adobo-licious
  44. New Day Cafe: Chicken Adobo
  45. Flora’s Chicken adobo
  46. Restaurant Food Fast: Grilled Chicken with Adobo Sauce
  47. Sachi Arroz Caldo with Crispy Chicken Adobo
  48. Jona’s Chicken Adobo
  49. Armedbear’s Adobo Chicken
  50. Cab Book’s Chicken Adobo
  51. Leasmom Filipino Chicken Adobo
  52. Culinary Obsession: Chicken Adobo
  53. Db’s Chicken Adobo
  54. Amy’s Crockpot Chicken Adobo
  55. Joelen’s Chicken Adobo
  56. A little dash of this a little dash of that: Pork Adobo
  57. Kitchenette Chicken Adobo
  58. Little Girl Big Appetite: Chicken Adobo
  59. Wilson’s Chicken Adobo
  60. Edible’s Chicken Adobo with Coconut Milk
  61. Freshmess: Adobo the Pinoy National Dish
  62. Angela’s Chicken Adobo
  63. Roy’s Fililpino Chicken Adobo
  64. The Pinay blogger: National Dish-Chicken Adobo
  65. Meating Meals: Basic Filipino Adobo
  66. Found Home: Chicken Adobo
  67. Pat’s Rum Chicken Adobo
  68. Badodo’s Chicken Adobo with Coconut Milk
  69. Culinarypilgrim’s Chicken Adobo Crockpot Style
  70. Kelly’s Crockpot Chicken Adobo
  71. Martha’s Chicken Muffuggin Adobo
  72. Lizzy Chicken Adobo
  73. Ling’s Chicken Adobo

Pork Adobo

  1. Pork Adobo (Adobong Baboy)
  2. Pork and Boiled Egg Adobo
  3. Pork Adobo with Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd)
  4. Adobo Flakes
  5. Baby Back Ribs Adobo
  6. Pork Adobo a la Marketman
  7. Pork Adobo Braised in a Dutch Oven
  8. Ang Sarap: Adobo
  9. Maritasays: Drinker Adobo
  10. Filipina Loves Food Pork Adobo
  11. Maggie’s Adobo
  12. Imogen’s Pork Adobo
  13. Raven’s Pork Adobo
  14. David’s Mein Adobo
  15. Pinkyb’s Adobo
  16. Dphatgirl’s Adobo
  17. Mang Boy’s Sweet  Pork Adobo
  18. The Famous Philippine Adobo
  19. Where in the World Adobo Pork
  20. MF’s Pork Adobo
  21. Handpaintedsky: Pork Adobo
  22. Fed n’ Watered Pork Adobo
  23. Manila’s Adobo Pilipino
  24. Kwentong Pinas: Pork Adobo
  25. Boomer’s Adobo
  26. Sdelacuesta’s The Scent of Simmering Adobo
  27. Worldsfare: Pork Adobo
  28. Eatingol’s Pork Adobo
  29. Cooking Newbie Pork Adobo
  30. Lianne Pork Adobo
  31. Budge’s Adobong Chavacano
  32. Food Muse’s Grilled Adobo Pork
  33. Bianca’s Adobong Tagalog
  34. Michelle’s The Crumb Stash “Pig-hoo-oo-ey”
  35. Gatecrushed Pork Adobo
  36. Dia’s Pork Adobo
  37. Clarissa’s Pork Adobo

Duck or Quail Adobo

  1. Adobong Pugo
  2. Adobong Balut

Beef Adobo

  1. Ground Beef Adobo
  2. Adobong Bulalo
  3. The Grand International: Adobong Baka in a Slow Cooker

Mixed Meats Adobo

  1. Chicken-Pork Adobo
  2. Adobong Gulay at Karne
  3. Tagalog Chicken And Pork Adobo
  4. Lazy OFW’s Chicken Pork Adobo
  5. Chicken-Pork Adobo (Ilonggo Version)
  6. Maritasays: Chicken and Pork Adobo
  7. Hoobear’s Chicken and Pork Adobo
  8. Renzie’s Chicken and Pork Adobo
  9. Rachelle and Amylene Adobong Manok/Baboy
  10. Bloggista: Chicken Pork Adobo
  11. Conie’s Chicken-Pork Adobo
  12. Bambino’s Easy Pork  and Chicken Adobo
  13. Hingpit’s Dry but Oily Adobo
  14. Kiambafoodtrip: Pork/Chicken Adobo
  15. Thelmsbabe’s Chicken Pork Adobo
  16. Pinaypie’s Adobo
  17. Kaye’s Adobo Style Meat
  18. Stricteating: Adobo with Chicken and Oxtails
  19. Tenen’s Chicken/Pork Adobo

Vegetarian Adobo

  1. Adobong Kangkong (River Spinach)
  2. Bamboo Shoots Adobo (Adobong Labong)
  3. Eggplant Adobo (Adobong Talong)
  4. Okra Adobo (Adobong Okra)
  5. Fruity Adobo Delight
  6. Librarian Shot the Food: Adobong Gulay
  7. Raven’s Adobong Kangkong
  8. Rachel’s Cooking Adobong Gulay
  9. Mikokilo’s Adobong Sitaw
  10. Robert’s Adobong Sitaw
  11. Shot the Food: Adobong Gulay
  12. Rieanne

Fish and Seafood Adobo

  1. Adobong Isda / Fish in Tangy Sauce
  2. Catfish Adobo (Adobong Hito)
  3. Shrimp Adobo in Coconut Milk (Adobong Hipon Sa Gata)
  4. Adobong Bangus
  5. Adobong Tilapia
  6. Fish Adobo with Sitaw a la Jehzlau
  7. Raven’s Fish Adobo

Shrimp Adobo

  1. Adobong Sugpo

Shellfish Adobo

  1. Clam or Mussel Adobo (Tulyang Inadobo)
  2. Adobong Tahong

Squid Adobo

  1. Squid Adobo (Adobong Pusit)
  2. Raven’s Adobong Pusit
  3. Rieanne’s Squid Adobo
  4. Bambino’s Adobong Pusit
  5. Easy Peasy Pinoy Recipes: EZ-PZ Adobong Pusit
  6. Caren’s Adobong Pusit
  7. Tulipfleurs Adobong Pusit (Squid Adobo)
  8. Lia’s Adobong Pusit

Rice Adobo

  1. Caren’s Adobo Brown Rice Sinangag
  2. Rice cake confessional’s adobo fried rice

Tofu Adobo

  1. Krishna’s Tofu Adobo


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